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The term Hacker designates a set of Troopers who have received specific training in Infowar. This training allows them to make use both of Hacking Devices, and the programs specifically designed for them.

  • Hackers are equipped with a Hacking Device that allows them to use Hacking Programs, according to the type of Hacking Device they carry.
  • Hackers may be equipped with a Hacking Device that will grant them access to certain Hacking Programs, depending on the type of Device they are using, or to make direct use of certain Programs without requiring a device.
  • Hackers may have Upgrade Programs assigned to them.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How does Isolated State interact with Hacking Programs that are not granted by a Hacking Device?

A: While in Isolated State all the Trooper’s Hacking Programs, Skills and pieces of Equipment with the Comms Attack or Comms Equipment Labels or Traits (Hacking Device, Repeater...) are disabled.

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