Chain of Command

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

The owner of this Special Skill is the next in line in the command echelon to the officer in command, being able to replace him if necessary during the combat operation.

Optional, Private Information.
  • The player can only activate this Special Skill when the Lieutenant enters Isolated State or any Null State.
  • To be able to activate this Special Skill, the Chain of Command user must be on the game table as a Model or as a Marker.
  • This Special Skill allows its user to automatically become the new Lieutenant of the Army List, gaining the Lieutenant Special Skill with no extra abilities.
  • Even if the previous Lieutenant recovers from the Isolated or Null State, the Chain of Command user will continue to be the Lieutenant.

Sibylla Explains:

The Lieutenant Special Order belongs to the Trooper that generated it during the Tactical Phase. Therefore, if a Trooper with the Chain of Command Special Skill takes command, they will not be able to use the Lieutenant Special Order if they did not generate it.