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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

The user of this Special Skill can secure his point of deployment by placing a Mine, or other Deployable Weapon or piece of Equipment he carries, nearby to prevent enemy Troopers from approaching.

  • In the Deployment Phase, the user may place the Deployable Weapon or piece of Equipment inside his Zone of Control.
  • If the Deployable Weapon or piece of Equipment has the Disposable Trait, then it will be subtracted from the total of available uses.
  • If the user deploys using a Special Skill with the Superior Deployment Label, and fails a Roll to deploy, then in addition to the effects shown in the Special Skill, the Minelayer will lose the Deployable Weapon or piece of Equipment, subtracting it from the total of available uses if it has the Disposable Trait.

Example of Allowed and Prohibited Areas


Example of Minelayer and Infiltration

During the Deployment Phase, a Croc Man Minelayer uses his Special Skills of Infiltration and Hidden Deployment to place himself in the enemy half of the table. The player, though not placing a Model or Marker representing the Croc Man on the table, may still lay a Mine within the Zone of Control of the Croc Man, but always outside of the enemy Deployment Zone.

If the Infiltration Roll is failed, besides losing the ability to deploy in Marker and Hidden Deployment States, the Mine that was laid next to the Trooper will be removed from the gaming table.