Initiative and Deployment

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Initiative Roll

Before the game begins, players make a Face to Face Roll using their respective Lieutenant's WIP Attributes. So, both players roll a D20 and compare their results and the one with the higher result (that does not exceed their Lieutenant’s WIP Attribute) is the winner of the Initiative Roll. The winner of the Initiative Roll can choose between keeping Deployment and keeping Initiative. Whichever option the winner declined goes to the other player.

In the case of a tie, or both players failing, repeat the Initiative Roll.

In the Initiative Roll, the WIP Attribute of the Lieutenant is Open Information.

Keeping Initiative

The player who kept Initiative gets to choose which player has the first Player Turn and which player has the second Player Turn in each Game Round. This order is maintained throughout the game.

Keeping Deployment

The player who kept Deployment gets to choose who deploys first, and in which Deployment Zone.

Deployment Phase

This phase comes after the Initiative Roll, once the Initiative and Deployment have been chosen. During the Deployment Phase, before the game begins, players place their Troopers on the battlefield.

The Deployment Phase is divided into the following steps:

  1. Player One Deployment: Following the order established in the Initiative Roll, as decided by the player who kept Deployment, the first player places all but one of his Troopers totally inside his Deployment Zone.
  2. Player Two Deployment: Once Player One is done, Player Two places all but one of her Troopers totally inside her Deployment Zone.
  3. Player One Last Trooper: Then, Player One places the Trooper he kept back during step one.
  4. Player Two Last Trooper: Finally, Player Two places the Trooper she kept back during step two.


Some Special Skills, such as Forward Deployment, allow players to place certain Troopers outside their Deployment Zones.

Other Special Skills, like Combat Jump, allow players not to place certain Troopers on the battlefield at all during the Deployment Phase.

Finally, some Special Skills may alter the Deployment rules for both players.

Deployment Rules

To deploy your Troopers on the table, follow these rules:

  • The base of each Trooper must be totally inside the Deployment Zone.
  • Troopers cannot be deployed in contact with enemy and neutral Models, Markers, or Tokens, or in contact with any mission objective, no matter the Special Skills they have.
  • When a Trooper deploys, its owner can choose to deploy it Prone. To do so, simply place a Prone State Token beside the Trooper.
  • Unless previously agreed upon, Troopers cannot deploy in a location without enough space to fit their entire base.
  • Players can measure the size of the Deployment Zones, those areas where Troopers possessing the Forward Deployment Special Skill can deploy, the central line of the game table and any Exclusion Zone the game scenario specifies.