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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Annex Rule

This rule is from the annex to the Infinity N4 ruleset, containing a series of rules, special skills, weapons and pieces of equipment which have been adapted to the N4 system, but with a provisional nature. Rules included here are completely official, however they may be modified in further expansions of the N4 ruleset.

Reinforcements are a combat force that remains in reserve, waiting for the right moment to join the fray, either supporting the main force or carrying out tasks such as a rescue or evac mission; or attacking, hunting, or chasing enemy units.

This Extra allows players to have a Reinforcement Section in their Army List that can be deployed after suffering casualties, or in the last Game Round.

The Reinforcements Extra modifies the Player Turn sequence, adding a new “Request Reinforcements” step. The Extra also modifies the structure of the Army List to add the Reinforcement Section.

Reinforcements Player Turn

During each Turn there is an Active Player and a Reactive Player. The Active Player can activate his Troopers and execute actions, while the Reactive Player can react to the activation of the Active Player's Troopers (see ARO: Automatic Reaction Order).

Each Player Turn is divided into these steps:

  1. Start of the Turn: Tactical Phase
    1. Executive Use of Command Tokens
    2. Request Reinforcements
    3. Retreat! Check
    4. Loss of Lieutenant check
    5. Order Count
  2. Impetuous Phase
  3. Orders Phase
  4. States Phase
  5. End of the Turn

Request Reinforcements

The Active Player counts their Victory Points, and checks if they can request Reinforcements.

Reinforcements & Reinforcements Section

With this Extra, each player’s Army List is divided into a Main Section and a Reinforcement Section.

The Main Section contains the Troopers the player has chosen as their main combat force, which is deployed in the usual way at the start of the game.

The Reinforcements Section consists of a separate Combat Group or Groups, which is only deployed in specific circumstances.

  • The Main Section of the player’s Army List must include one Trooper with the Commlink Special Skill.
  • The player must assign a total of 100 points and 2 SWC to build their Reinforcements Section, and the rest of the points and SWC to build their Main Section.
    For example, in a 350 Army Point game the player must use 250 points and 5 SWC to build their Main Section and 100 points and 2 SWC to build their Reinforcements Section.
  • The Reinforcements Section can only be deployed during the Tactical Phase, in the Request Reinforcements step, before the Retreat! Check.
  • All Troopers belonging to a Reinforcements Section must be deployed during the same Tactical Phase.
  • Once deployed, the Reinforcements Section will be a separate Combat Group or Groups. Therefore, Troopers belonging to a Reinforcements Section must form their own Combat Group or Groups.
  • Troopers cannot be moved into or out of Reinforcement Combat Groups until the player's following Tactical Phase.
  • A Reinforcements Section can only be made up of Troopers whose Unit Profile name includes Reinforcements (Reinf.).
  • Troopers in a Reinforcements Section count towards the maximum limit of 15 Troopers in the Army List.
  • Each faction has its own Reinforcements Section, which is shared amongst all its armies, whether they are generic or Sectorial. That Section has specific Units with their own AVA, and also its own Fireteam Charts.
  • When deploying the Reinforcements Section, the player can create Fireteams from Troopers belonging to it, without needing to spend Command Tokens. However, players must always observe the Reinforcements Fireteams Chart and the Types of Fireteams in the Army List Fireteams Chart.
  • Therefore they cannot deploy a Fireteam Core in a generic army that only allows them to deploy Fireteam Duos and Haris, or deploy a Fireteam Core without cancelling the one already in play, if their army doesn’t allow them to have more than one Fireteam Core on the game table, for example.
  • Troopers from the Main Section cannot be part of the Reinf. Fireteams of the Reinforcements Section. In the same way, Troopers from the Reinforcements Section cannot be part of the Fireteams of the Main Section.
  • When building the Army List, Troopers whose Unit Profile name includes Reinforcements (Reinf.) cannot be included in the Main Section.

Recommended Game with Reinforcements

A standard game with the Reinforcements Extra is organized with 350 Army Points and 7 SWC. This means the player has 250 points and 5 SWC to build their Main Section and 100 points and 2 SWC to build their Reinforcements Section.


Troopers with this Special Skill are equipped with cutting-edge comms systems and a direct link to the nearest action units, so players can Request Reinforcements to turn the tide or to deliver the final blow.

  • The player must create a Reinforcements Section with 100 points and 2 SWC.
  • The player can use the Request Reinforcements Special Skill during the Tactical Phase of the Player Turn. This can be done even if the Commlink Trooper is in a Null State or has been removed from the game table.
  • A positive MOD in round brackets next to this Skill indicates how many Troopers the player can include in their Army List, over and above the limit of 15 Troopers.
  • For example, Commlink (+2) lets the player have up to 17 Troopers in their Army List (15+2). These MODs are cumulative with other MODs to the maximum number of Troopers, or Bonuses due to Special Skills or scenario rules.
  • When the Reinforcement Section is deployed in the Tactical Phase, the Commlink Trooper can be moved to any of the Reinforcement Section's Combat Groups, without spending a Command Token.
  • Players can have a maximum of one Trooper possessing this Special Skill in their Army List.

Request Reinforcements


To Request Reinforcements, the Active Player must meet one of the following conditions:

  • The Active Player counts their Victory Points and the sum total is equal to or less than the Request Reinforcements value listed in the chart below.
  • It is their third Game Round.
  • The player must place a DropPod Token (DROPPOD) totally inside of their half of the game table.
  • The DropPod can only be placed in a location with enough space to fit its entire base, or those locations where both players have previously agreed that it can be placed even if the base does not fit.
  • To represent the DropPod, the player can use a DropPod Token (DROPPOD) or a scenery element of a similar diameter.
  • All of the Troopers in the player’s Reinforcements Section, along with their Peripherals and their Deployable Weapons or Equipment must be deployed totally inside the DropPod’s Zone of Control, and totally inside of their half of the game table, always observing the Deployment Rules but replacing “Deployment Zone” with “DropPod’s Zone of Control” where it appears.
  • Players cannot deploy inside buildings or closed scenery pieces, even if they have partial rooves or open doors or windows like, for example, an Objective Room.
  • Players cannot deploy inside the Exclusion Zone in those scenarios that have one.
  • The Confused Deployment scenario rule is not applied to the DropPod deployment nor to the Reinforcement Section’s Troopers.

Request Reinforcements Chart

Army Points Request Reinforcements Retreat
250 Army Points 200 Victory Points or less 63 Victory Points or less
300 Army Points 225 Victory Points or less 75 Victory Points or less
350 Army Points 250 Victory Points or less 88 Victory Points or less
400 Army Points 275 Victory Points or less 100 Victory Points or less


Request Reinforcements Example

In a 350 Army Point game the player has used 250 points and 5 SWC to build their Main Section and 100 points and 2 SWC to build their Reinforcements Section.

If, in the Request Reinforcements step of the Tactical Phase, the total of Victory Points combining both Main and Reinforcements Sections is equal to or less than 250 Victory Points, the player can Request Reinforcements.

Example of the Allowed Deployment Area

Area where the Reinforcements Section Troopers, Peripherals, Deployable Weapons, or Equipment cannot be deployed.