Remote Presence

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Remote Presence technology is a characteristic trait of unmanned TAGs and Remotes. Remotes are controlled by a pseudo-AI and a suite of expert programs that govern their combat behavior with precision and fearless logic. TAGs, on the other hand, benefit from the autonomy of a human pilot, but Remote Presence technology allows these pilots, miles away from the battlefield, to focus on performance instead of safety.

  • Troopers with Remote Presence and the STR Attribute have two distinct levels of Unconscious State.
When the Trooper loses the last point of their STR Attribute, they enter Unconscious State like any other Trooper would. However, if the Trooper receives damage again and loses one further STR point, it does not enter Dead State as usual, but instead enters a second level of Unconscious State, signified by a second Unconscious Token (UNCONSCIOUS). Only if the user loses further STR points does it fall Dead and is removed from play.
  • Regardless of which level of Unconscious State the Trooper is in, with a single successful WIP Roll with the Engineer Special Skill, or PH Roll with a GizmoKit, the Trooper will recover lost STR until they have 1 point of STR and will cancel their Unconscious State.
  • Additionally, when using Engineer (or other Special Skills or piece of Equipment that specifically say so) to repair a Trooper with Remote Presence, you may expend Command Tokens to reroll a failed WIP Roll.