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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This Special Skill provides its user with random advantages and Special Skills that represent a plethora of combat drug treatments and biotechnological augmentations.

  • Immediately after placing the Trooper with MetaChemistry on the table for deployment, you may roll once on the MetaChemistry Table to determine that Trooper's extra MOD or Special Skill.
  • Special Skills obtained via the MetaChemistry Chart are added to the Trooper's Skills, and do not replace any of them.

MetaChemistry Chart

Die Roll Result Die Roll Result
1-3 +3 PH 15 No Wound Incapacitation
4-5 Super-Jump 16 +1 ARM + Bioimmunity
6-7 Regeneration 17 Dogged + Immunity (Total)
8-10 Climbing Plus 18 MOV: 6-4 + Super-Jump
11-12 MOV: 8-4 19 MOV: 8-4 + Climbing Plus
13-14 +6 BTS 20 +3 PH + Regeneration