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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Morpho-scan allows the user to replicate the Attribute values of an enemy model in Zone of Control.

Comms Attack, No Roll, Optional, Zone of Control.
  • The target must be an enemy Model possessing the Wounds Attribute and be in the user's Zone of Control.
  • Morpho-scan has no effect on enemy Markers, or enemy Troopers possessing the STR Attribute.
  • This Skill doesn't require a Roll.
  • Morpho-scan replaces the MOV, CC, BS and PH Attribute values of its user with the ones of its target.
  • Morpho-scan imposes a MOD of -9 to its target if they declare a Reset ARO to prevent it, no matter what kind of Troop it is (LI, MI, HI...), and even if the Morpho-scan is declared outside of its LoF.
  • Once this Special Skill is used successfully, having replaced the owner's Attribute values with those of its target's, it cannot be used again during the game.