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This Common Skill allows the user to sidestep cyber-attacks by quickly rebooting all systems.

No LoF

Troopers can only Reset if at least one of these is true:

  • Allows the user to make a Face to Face Roll to evade all enemy Hacking Programs or other Comms Attacks during an Order or ARO, regardless of the Burst (B) value.
  • This Face to Face Roll pits the user's WIP Attribute against the attacker's WIP Attribute.
  • If the user is not making a Face to Face Roll (for example they are not the target of a Hacking Program or other Comms Attack), they will instead make a Normal Roll against their WIP Attribute.
  • Reset does not allow the user to evade other types of Attacks, but the Dodge Skill does.
  • A successful Reset Roll, whether it's a Normal or Face to Face, allows the user to cancel their Targeted State and IMM-B State, applying any State-specific MODs.


A Reset only allows Face to Face Rolls against Hacking Attacks and other Comms Attacks.