Cautious Movement

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Under certain circumstances, Troopers can declare this Common Skill to move about the battlefield without attracting enemy AROs.

Movement, No LoF, No Roll.
  • At the moment of declaration, the Trooper must be outside the LoF and ZoC of all enemy Models and Markers.
  • Allows the Trooper to move up to the first value of his MOV Attribute, generating no enemy AROs in the process. For this Cautious Movement to generate no AROs, it must begin and end outside the LoF and ZoC of all enemy Models and Markers.
  • If the Cautious Movement begins or ends within the LoF or ZoC of any enemy Models or Markers, the Trooper will generate AROs as usual.
  • Cautious Movement must follow the General Movement Rules as well as the Moving and Measuring rules.


TAGs, Remotes, Vehicles, and Troopers on Motorcycles can never declare Cautious Movement.


Troopers in Hidden Deployment are neither Models nor Markers, so they cannot react to a Cautious Movement even if they have LoF.

Cautious Movement Example

A Fusilier wants to sneak up on an Alguacil. Since he is in Total Cover behind a tall building, The Fusilier is outside LoF of the Alguacil and the other Nomads, including a Camouflage Marker. He estimates that he can reach Total Cover behind a bin with the first value of his MOV where he would be safely hidden, so he declares Cautious Movement.

The Alguacil and all other Nomad Troopers, including the Camouflage Marker, cannot declare valid AROs because the Fusilier's Cautious Movement began and ended outside their LoF and ZoC.