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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This Special Skill marks the Trooper's capacity to detonate in a blast.

Attack, Obligatory.
  • The user must be in Unconscious State for this Special Skill to activate.
  • This Special Skill forces its user to detonate automatically when he enters Unconscious state.
  • At the end of the Order in which the user entered Unconscious State, before making Guts Rolls, the Trooper makes a Direct Template Attack, placing the center of the Circular Template (Blast Focus) over the center of their base.
  • This Attack has Damage 13 with Shock Ammunition, against the ARM Attribute.
  • Enemy Troopers who are affected by the Attack and had performed a Dodge will avoid this Attack if they passed their PH Roll.
  • Once all Rolls have been made, the user enters Dead State and is removed from the game table.


If the user enters the Dead state directly due to an Ammunition, a Trait or other rule (for example Shock, State: Dead...) or because he suffered the loss of more Wounds than his current Attribute during a single Order, he does not Explode.

If the user activated the Dogged or No Wound Incapacitation Special Skills when entering Unconscious State, he does not Explode.


Template Weapons cannot affect allied Models or Markers.