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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

  • The Hidden Deployment State is a special form of deployment that allows the user to deploy during the Deployment Phase without placing a Model or Marker on the battlefield.
  • In your Deployment Phase, write down the position of your Hidden Deployment Troopers in as much detail as possible (make sure to specify whether the Trooper is in Cover, Prone, etc.) in order to show your opponent when their State is cancelled and their position revealed.
  • Until a Trooper's Hidden Deployment State is cancelled, that Trooper is considered not to be on the game table at all. Consequently, such a Trooper does not affect LoF, is not affected by Template Weapons, etc.
  • While in Hidden Deployment State, the Trooper will not add their Order to the Order Pool during the Tactical Phase. They can only use this Order themselves, when placing the Trooper on the gaming table during the Active Turn.
  • Although the Trooper in Hidden Deployment is not considered to be on the table, if the Trooper has the Infiltration Special Skill and makes an Infiltration Roll, the Roll must be made once their position is written down.
    • If the Roll is a success, the Trooper infiltrates and does not lose the Hidden Deployment State.
    • If the Roll is failed, the Trooper's Model is placed within their player's Deployment Zone, always in contact with the edge of the game table.
  • When a player moves a Hidden Deployment Trooper into a different Combat Group, they must inform their opponent that the Trooper exists. The Troopers's information remains Private, until the Trooper is revealed.
  • Troopers in Hidden Deployment State can be selected to be part of a Coordinated Order. However, in this situation they will lose their own Order.
  • Once Troopers' Hidden Deployment State has been cancelled, they cannot regain it.
  • The Hidden Deployment State is cancelled if the user is Discovered by means of a Special Skill that explicitly allows it (for example Sensor).
  • The Hidden Deployment State is automatically cancelled whenever the Trooper declares any Short Skill, Entire Order or ARO. The Trooper's Model or Marker will be placed on the game table, in the position you wrote down, facing in the direction of your choice.
  • If the Trooper has a Skill that allows them to deploy in Marker State (for example Camouflage), they will be able to keep that State as long as:
    • They declare Cautious Movement or any Short Movement Skill that does not require to make a Roll (except Look Out!), or they Mount or Dismount from a TAG, Motorcycle...
    • They delay their ARO against a Marker.
    • They prevent an Enemy Trooper from entering a Marker State.
  • If the Trooper declares a Skill, ARO or Entire Order other than those listed above, their Hidden Deployment State is also cancelled. In this case, place the Model that represents the Trooper in the position you wrote down, facing in the direction of your choice.
  • The Hidden Deployment State is cancelled if the Trooper becomes Impetuous (due to a game situation) or enters Retreat! State.
  • When the Model is placed on the battlefield, the player must provide their adversary with the Trooper's complete Public Information.

Sibylla Explains:

If a Trooper in Hidden Deployment wants to prevent another Trooper in LoF from returning to a Marker State, they must place the corresponding Model or Marker on the table at the moment the opponent declares their intention to return to Camouflaged, Impersonation etc. State.

FAQs & Errata

N4 Errata
Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

[Errata] Can Surprise Attack be used with Hidden Deployment State?

Yes. Surprise Attack can be used if the Trooper started the Order in a Marker State, or in Hidden Deployment State.

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