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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Retreat! State


  • An army in Retreat! is automatically considered to be in a state of Loss of Lieutenant.
  • As long as the army is in Retreat!, its owner cannot name a new Lieutenant. If the state of Retreat! is cancelled and the army has a Lieutenant, then the Loss of Lieutenant state is cancelled as well.
  • When Retreat! State is declared at the beginning of a player's Active Turn, that player places a Retreat! Token (RETREAT!) beside each of their surviving troops.
  • Troops with a Retreat! Token (RETREAT!) can only use Short Movement Skills, Cautious Movement, Dodge or Reset (or any Special Skills that explicitly say so).
In a Retreat! situation the Impetuous Phase of the Player Turn is not applied. So, Impetuous or Frenzy Troopers cannot be activated in the Impetuous Phase.
Troopers in Holoecho or HoloMask State, or any Marker State, cancel the State when they enter Retreat! State.
  • This State does not interfere with Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, which will remain functioning normally.
  • Troopers with the Special Skills Courage, Religious Troop, Veteran or any other Special Skill that protects them from the effects of Retreat! State ignore all effects of Retreat! State.
  • In a Retreat! situation, all Troopers who exit the game table via the widest side of their Deployment Zone are considered to have survived the battle and can be counted as Victory Points by their owner.
  • When a player in Retreat! has lost or evacuated all Troopers in their Army List, the game ends (unless the specific end-game conditions of the scenario being played indicate otherwise).
  • The Retreat! State of a Trooper can be cancelled by spending a Command Token. That Trooper will ignore the effects of Retreat! State until the end of the game.
  • At the beginning of each of their Active Turns, players can make a count of their surviving troops. If the point cost of the survivors is more than the 25% threshold–because an Unconscious troop was restored to combat readiness, for example–then Retreat! State is cancelled and the Retreat! Tokens (RETREAT!) are removed.