Disconnected State

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Disconnected State NULL
  • The Controller of this Trooper is in a Null state.
  • The Peripheral is subject to a successful Attack or Effect of an Ammunition, Hacking Program, condition, or Scenario Special Rule that specifies that it causes this state.
  • A Peripheral in this state cannot execute Orders or AROs.
  • A Peripheral in this State does not count towards the Player's Victory Points.
  • This state is automatically cancelled if the Controller of this Peripheral recovers from the Null state which caused the activation of the Disconnected State.
  • If this State was caused by an Attack, a piece of scenery, or a Scenario Special Rule applied to this Trooper, then a Trooper with the Engineer Special Skill (or an equivalent Skill) may cancel this State by spending one Short Skill of an Order while in Silhouette contact with the affected Trooper, and passing a Normal WIP Roll (or the Roll specified by the Special Skill or Scenario).
  • If this State was caused by failing a Coherency Check, it is automatically cancelled by passing a Coherency Check at the end of an Order or ARO.