Sepsitorized State

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.


  • Troopers in this state cannot be activated or receive Orders from their player's Order Pool. While they are Sepsitorized, Troopers are considered to be enemies by the rest of their owner's Troopers and are considered to be allies by the Troopers of the player that caused this game state.
  • Troopers in this state do not contribute Orders during the Tactical Phases of either player.
  • Troopers in this state may be activated and receive Orders from the Order Pool of the Combat Group of the Trooper who caused them to enter Sepsitorized state. A Sepsitorized Trooper does not count towards the maximum number of members the Combat Group may contain.
  • This State does not interfere with Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, which will remain functioning normally.
  • A Sepsitorized Trooper does not count towards either Players' Victory Points.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.3, Nov 2022

Q: When do Unconscious, Dead or Sepsitorized Troopers leave a Combat Group?

A: Unconscious Troopers are still part of their Combat Group. Dead or Sepsitorized Troopers are not part of any Combat Group.

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