Foxhole State

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.


  • The Trooper has a Silhouette Attribute value of 3 (S3).
  • The Trooper has Partial Cover in a 360˚ arc, from all directions and angles.
  • The Trooper has the Mimetism (-3) and Courage Special Skills.
  • Foxhole State is a fixed position which doesn't allow its user to perform any type of movement, including movement granted by a successful Dodge Roll.
  • The Trooper enters Prone State.
  • A Trooper in Foxhole State in the Active Turn may automatically cancel this State at the beginning of their movement by declaring a Skill with the Movement Label. The player must announce he is cancelling Foxhole State when declaring the Skill. By doing so, the State is cancelled at no cost and the Trooper can carry out its Movement using its regular MOV and S values. In the same way, in the Active Turn, the Trooper may automatically cancel this State at the beginning of a Dodge move.
  • When cancelling Foxhole State, the Trooper loses all the advantages provided by it, the Token is removed from the game table and the Trooper recovers his MOV and S values.

The space in which the user of this Special Skill activates Foxhole State must have a height and width equal or greater than the Silhouette Template of this State.

See Also

Sapper allows the user to enter Foxhole State.