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If the value of the Wounds/STR Attribute of a Trooper reaches 0, then that Trooper enters the Unconscious state.

However, if the Wounds/STR Attribute falls below 0, the Trooper enters the Dead state.


  • A Trooper loses the last point of his Wounds/STR Attribute, leaving him with exactly zero.
  • Troopers in this state cannot declare Orders or AROs.
  • Unconscious Troopers automatically fall Prone unless they are a Troop Type unable to do so.
  • Troopers in this state do not contribute Orders during the Tactical Phase.
  • Automatic Special Skills and Automatic Equipment have no effect while Unconscious.
  • The Trooper does not count towards the Player's Victory Points.
  • To cancel this state, Troopers possessing the Wound Attribute need a Doctor, while Troopers with the Structure (STR) Attribute need an Engineer.
  • A Trooper with the Doctor/Engineer Special Skill (or an equivalent Skill) may cancel the state by spending one Short Skill of an Order while in Silhouette contact with the affected Trooper, and passing a Normal WIP Roll (or the Roll specified by the Special Skill or Scenario).
  • Other Special Skills and pieces of Equipment allow the cancellation of the Unconscious state as indicated in their rules.
  • Cancelling the Unconscious state automatically cancels the Prone state.

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Restrictions Chart (TAGs cannot be Prone.)

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How do Engineer, GizmoKits, and Unconscious State interact?

A: If a Trooper with STR is in Unconscious State, successful use of a GizmoKit or the Engineer Special Skill on them will restore the Trooper to 1 STR and cancel their Unconscious State. But the Unconscious State would be the only State cancelled by the Engineer, to cancel other States must use another Order.

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