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  • During the Deployment Phase, players may deploy one or more of their Troopers Prone by placing a Prone Token beside them.
  • When a Trooper performs a Skill or ARO with the Movement Label, or when moving as the result of a failed Guts Roll, its player may indicate that it will go Prone.
By doing so, any Movement performed will be executed while Prone, with the resulting reduction to the Trooper's MOV and Silhouette values.
  • Note that a Trooper that was in LoF before going Prone will still count as being in LoF at the start of the Skill or ARO.
  • If a Trooper enters Unconscious State, it automatically becomes Prone unless it is mounted on a Motorcycle, or it is a TAG, a Troop Type that is unable to go Prone.
  • Prone Troopers have a Silhouette (S) value of X, that is, the equivalent to their base’s height and width.
  • While in this state, Troopers have both their MOV values and movement bonuses halved when performing any Skill with the Movement Label (Move, Dodge…), or when moving as the result of a failed Guts Roll.
  • This state does not affect Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, except when explicitly stated in their description.
  • A Prone Trooper may automatically cancel this state at the beginning of their movement by declaring a Skill or ARO with the Movement Label. The player must announce he is cancelling the Prone state when declaring the Skill or the ARO. By doing so, the state is cancelled at no cost and the Trooper can carry out its Movement using its regular MOV and S values.
  • Troopers whose Unconscious State is cancelled will automatically cancel their Prone state as well.

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