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If the value of the Wounds/STR Attribute of a Trooper reaches 0, then that Trooper enters the Unconscious state.

However, if the Wounds/STR Attribute falls below 0, the Trooper enters the Dead state.

  • Troopers in this state are removed from the game table.
  • Troopers in this state cease to generate Orders in successive turns.
  • The Trooper does not count towards the Player's Victory Points.
  • The Dead state is irreversible and cannot be cancelled, unless the rules specific to the mission or scenario being played indicate otherwise. In that case, follow the procedure stated in the rules.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.1.1, Dec 2021

Q: What happens if the target of a Protheion user fails more Saving Rolls than are needed for it to enter Dead State? For example if an Unconscious target fails two or more Saving Rolls.

A: Any additional failed Saving Rolls will have no effect, and will not give the Protheion user any Wounds.

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Version: 1.3, Nov 2022

Q: When do Unconscious, Dead or Sepsitorized Troopers leave a Combat Group?

A: Unconscious Troopers are still part of their Combat Group. Dead or Sepsitorized Troopers are not part of any Combat Group.

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