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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Troopers possessing this Special Skill are deployed on the battlefield inside a semi-buried camouflaged capsule, to increase their chances of survival. They can hatch voluntarily in the player’s second Active Turn, changing to a different Troop Profile. (See FAQs & Errata.)


  • Troopers with this Special Skill have a dual Unit Profile with two profiles (Seed Form and Developed Form).
  • The user must deploy using the Seed-Embryo profile.
  • If the user's Seed-Embryo profile has the Camouflage Special Skill, the user can deploy in Camouflaged State.
  • If the adversary is successful in Discovering the camouflaged Seed-Embryo, the Camouflage Marker is replaced by a Seed-Embryo Token (SEED-EMBRYO).
  • If the user's Seed-Embryo profile has the Combat Jump Special Skill, it will be deployed as a Seed-Embryo (SEED-EMBRYO) Token instead of a Model, applying the Combat Jump rule as usual.
  • The player will replace the Camouflage Marker or Seed-Embryo Token (SEED-EMBRYO) with the corresponding Model when:
    • They perform any Skill with the Movement Label as the first Short Skill of the Order, or Entire Order. The new Developed Form profile is applied for the entire Order Sequence.
    • They perform a successful Dodge ARO. The new Developed Form Troop Profile is applied before making any Dodge movement.

FAQs & Errata

N4 Errata
Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

[Errata] Do Seed-Embryos automatically hatch in the player's second Player Turn?

No. Seed-Embryos only hatch as described in the Seed-Embryo skill box.

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Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: If you pick, for example, a Seed Soldier with Forward Observer and Combi Rifle, does the Seed-Embryo Profile have them, or only the Developed Profile?

A: Only the Developed Profile.

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