Immobilized-B State

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  • The Trooper suffered a successful Attack or Effect using an Ammunition, Hacking Program or a game condition or Scenario Special Rule, capable of causing this state.
  • The affected Trooper may cancel this state via a successful Normal or Face to Face Reset Roll, applying the -3 WIP MOD provided by this state.
  • A Trooper with the Engineer Special Skill (or an equivalent Skill) may cancel the Immobilized-B state by spending one Short Skill of an Order while in Silhouette contact with the affected Trooper, and passing a Normal WIP Roll (or the Roll specified by the Special Skill or Scenario).

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Do State MODs all stack with each other? For example, if a Trooper is in IMM-B and Targeted State, do they apply a -6 MOD to all their Reset Rolls?

A: Yes.

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