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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This Special Skill allows the user to deploy farther forwards than the rest of his army and avoid detection by disguising as an enemy. Impersonation has several States that represent how difficult it is to identify the user as a foe.

Optional, NFB, Superior Deployment
  • During the Deployment Phase, the Trooper may be deployed anywhere on the game table except for the enemy Deployment Zone.
  • Allows the user to deploy in the Impersonation-1 (IMP-1) state.
  • Troopers whose Unit Profile indicates that they have Impersonation (IMP-2) may only deploy and activate the Impersonation-2 (IMP-2) State.
  • Allows the user to deploy inside the enemy Deployment Zone by making a WIP Roll.
    • Make the Normal WIP Roll after placing the user on the game table, with any Deployable Weapons or Equipment that they can deploy.
    • If the user fails the Roll, they must be placed within their player's Deployment Zone, always in contact with the edge of the game table.
    • Additionally, after failing the Roll, the user loses the option to deploy in a Marker State and is always deployed as a Model. Any Deployable Weapons and Equipment deployed alongside him are removed from the game table.
  • The user cannot be deployed in contact with enemy and neutral Models, Markers, or Tokens, or in contact with any mission objective.


Enemies perceive an impersonator in the Impersonation-1 or Impersonation-2 State (IMP-1 or IMP-2 Marker) as an ally.