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Troopers with Super-Jump have the ability to perform super-human jumping feats thanks to special gear, augmentations, or evolutionary advantages.

Movement, Optional
  • This Special Skill alters the user's Jump Skill from an Entire Order Skill to a Short Movement Skill.
  • It also allows Troopers to jump vertically, diagonally or horizontally, up to his first MOV Attribute value in inches if declaring Jump as a Short Movement Skill, and up to his second MOV Attribute value if declaring a second Jump as a Short Movement Skill.
  • By transforming Jump into a Short Movement Skill, the Super-Jump Special Skill allows its user to perform other Short Movement Skills or Short Skills while performing a jump (for example: Jump + BS Attack). (See Trooper Activation.)
  • The user of this Special Skill may declare Jump as an Entire Order by adding both values of their MOV Attribute into a single jump.
  • As with the Jump Skill, by declaring Jump Troopers with Super-Jump cannot benefit from Partial Cover MODs during their trajectory of their jump.
  • If the Trooper is or becomes Impetuous (due to having the Frenzy Characteristic or any other effect), when they activate in the Impetuous Phase they can use Jump whenever the list of allowed Skills says ‘Move’.

  • When declaring the use of Super-Jump, the complete and exact trajectory that Trooper will perform must be specified so the rival player may declare all their AROs.
  • During their entire trajectory, Troopers have a 360˚ LoF.