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Troopers with this Special Skill have the medical know-how to stabilize their unconscious comrades while in the field, saving their lives and returning them to active duty.

  • Troopers using this Special Skill must be in Silhouette contact with their target.
  • The target must have the Wounds Attribute and be in Unconscious State.
  • By passing a Normal WIP Roll, the target's Unconscious State is cancelled, by recovering 1 single point of their Wounds Attribute, unless a rule or Skill specifies otherwise. If the WIP Roll fails, the target automatically enters the Dead State and is removed from the game table.
  • Troopers may be recovered from the Unconscious State as many times as necessary, as long as the Doctor passes the WIP Roll.
  • If the user's Unit Profile lists Doctor (2W), it allows the target to recover up to 2 points of their Wounds Attribute when cancelling their Unconscious State. The Trooper cannot surpass their initial Wounds Attribute.