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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Mnemonica is a capability displayed only by EI Aspects, further proof of the terrible sophistication of VoodooTech. It allows the Aspect to jump onto an allied vessel's Cube upon destruction of its physical form.

  • In order to activate this Special Skill, the user must enter a Null state.
  • The user may transfer his own WIP Attribute value, along with the Mnemonica Special Skill and the Lieutenant Special Skill (if applicable), to another Trooper in the same army. That Trooper must be on the battlefield in the form of a Model or Marker, and have either a Cube or the REM Troop Type.
  • The new WIP value replaces the host's original WIP value.
  • If the Mnemonica Trooper was also the army's Lieutenant, the host becomes the new Lieutenant.
  • Once activated, this transfer is automatic at the end of the Order in which the user entered the Null State.
  • You must identify the Model or Marker that is the new host, but not whether the Lieutenant Special Skill has been transferred, as that is Private Information.
  • After the transfer is complete, the original user, now in Dead State, is removed from play.
  • If the new host enters a Null State, the original user's WIP value, Mnemonica Special Skill and Lieutenant Special Skill may be transferred again to another ally who fulfills the same requirements.
  • In addition, Troopers with Mnemonica are never considered to have a Cube.