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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This Special Skill represents the user's ability to transform into a different type of Trooper with its own Attributes and Skills.


  • The user must meet the condition indicated between brackets next to the Skill.
  • Different types of Transmutation are characterized by the cause that triggers the Trooper's transformation, which forces or allows them to use their second Unit Profile.
  • If there is no alternative Model, place a Transmuted (TRANSMUTED) Token (or the corresponding Token if there is a specific one) beside the user, indicating their new profile.
  • Transmutation (Wounds) and Transmutation (STR):
    • The Trooper and their initial Unit Profile must be replaced by the second Unit Profile at the end of the Order in which the initial Unit Profile lost the last point of its W/STR Attribute.
    • If the Trooper lost more points of its W/STR Attribute than the initial Unit Profile had remaining, those extra points will be subtracted from the second Unit Profile at the end of that Order.
    • The Trooper only enters Unconscious State when they lose the last point of W/STR Attribute from their second Unit Profile.
  • Transmutation (Auto):
    • By performing any Skill with the Movement Label, a Trooper with Transmutation (Auto) may switch between the different Unit Profiles listed in their Unit Profile. This change always happens at the beginning of their Movement, applying the new Unit Profile for the entire sequence of that Movement.
    • This will affect the distance the Trooper can move across the game table, depending on the MOV Attribute of the chosen Unit Profile.
    • The Wounds/STR Attribute points of a Trooper possessing this Special Skill are shared among all of their Unit Profiles. So, the loss of Wounds/STR points from one of the Unit Profiles will be applied to all of them.
    • The Trooper may deploy using any of their Unit Profiles.


Game Sequence and Transmutation (W/STR):

After making any relevant Saving Rolls, any Guts Rolls are made. Then, if applicable, the new Troop Profile is applied.


Transmutation Unit Profile Example


After the Fraacta loses 1 point of its Wounds Attribute, a Transmuted Marker (TRANSMUTED) indicates the use of the Survival Form profile.

Example of Transmutation (W)

A Dogface receives three simultaneous hits. He makes his three Saving Rolls and fails two of them, so he loses 2 points from his current Wounds Attribute. The Trooper would then subtract one single point of Wounds from his Dogface profile, and replace it with the Dog-Warrior profile (replacing the Dogface Model with the Dog-Warrior Model), and subtract the other point from the Wounds Attribute of his new profile. The Dog-Warrior is still standing, but his current Wounds Attribute is 1 instead of the original value of 2 listed in the Dog-Warrior profile.