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The user of this Special Skill may deploy outside the limits of their Deployment Zone thanks to their training in infiltration techniques.

Superior Deployment, Optional
  • During the Deployment Phase, the Trooper may be deployed anywhere in the player's half of the table.
  • Allows the user to deploy in the opponent's half of the game table by making an Infiltration Roll (PH-3 Roll).
  • The user cannot use Infiltration to deploy inside the enemy Deployment Zone.

Infiltration Roll

  • Make a Normal PH-3 Roll after placing the user on the game table, with any Deployable Weapons or Equipment that they can deploy.
  • If the user fails the Roll, they must be placed within their player's Deployment Zone, always in contact with the edge of the game table.
Additionally, after failing the Roll, the user loses the option to deploy in a Marker State or Hidden Deployment State and is always deployed as a Model. Any Deployable Weapons and Equipment deployed alongside him are removed from the game table.


Troopers cannot be deployed in contact with enemy and neutral Models, Markers, or Tokens, or in contact with any mission objective, no matter the Special Skills they have.

Infiltration Example

A Trooper with the Infiltration (+3), Camouflage and Minelayer Special Skills, and Shock Mines, decides to deploy in the Enemy's half of the table. They must follow these steps:

  • Place both Camouflaged (-3) Markers in the Enemy's half of the table following the Minelayer rule.
  • Check that the Markers are in Zone of Control of each other.
  • Make the Infiltration Roll, which in this case will have a Success Value equal to their PH, since the -3 MOD for the Infiltration Roll is compensated for by the +3 MOD from their Skill.

If the Infiltration Roll is failed, the Trooper will be placed in Model form within their player's Deployment Zone, touching an edge of the game table and losing the Shock Mine which is removed from the game table.