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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Troopers with this Special Skill are aboard a Vehicle or TAG.

  • By performing any Skill with the Movement Label, Pilots may Mount or Dismount their own Vehicle or TAG, and only their own Vehicle or TAG (see the General Movement Rules).
  • If the Vehicle or TAG is in Unconscious State, the Pilot can still Dismount and use their Profile.
  • A Vehicle or TAG whose Pilot is Dismounted cannot spend Orders or AROs using their Vehicle or TAG Unit Profile
  • The Vehicle or TAG whose Pilot is Dismounted is still considered a valid target for the opponent.
  • Pilots of a Vehicle or TAG in Unconscious State are not considered to be survivors or casualties for Victory Points, Retreat! or any other purposes. Only the TAG or Vehicle counts.
  • If the Pilot is Dismounted and enters Dead State, the Vehicle or TAG is considered a casualty and must be removed from the gaming table along with the Pilot's Model.
  • Pilots of a Vehicle or TAG in Unconscious State do not contribute Orders of any kind.
  • When Dismounting from a TAG or Vehicle, any Game States that the TAG or Vehicle was in will also be applied to the Pilot (if applicable), with the exception of Unconscious. (See FAQs & Errata. There are exceptions for Possessed State.)
  • When Mounting a TAG or Vehicle, the TAG or Vehicle Profile will apply all Game States that the TAG was in and all Game States the Pilot was in (if applicable).
  • If the Pilot is a Trooper vulnerable to hacking or suffering the effect of E/M Ammunition, no Hacking Program may be used against them and the E/M effect will not be applied to them as long as their Model is not on the gaming table.
  • Pilot (Remote):
    • As an exception to this rule, if the Remote Pilot is on the gaming table in an Isolated, Immobilized (IMM-A or IMM-B) or Null State, their player may spend an Order or ARO to declare Reset with the Vehicle or TAG to regain control of it. If this Reset is a Normal Roll with no MODs applied, it will be an automatic success and, after declaring this, the Remote Pilot is removed from the gaming table.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How does the Possessed State interact with Pilots, Dismounting, and Escape Systems?

A: When a TAG is in Possessed State, its Pilot cannot Mount or Dismount. If a TAG's Escape System takes effect while the TAG is in Possessed State, the operator profile will not be in Possessed State.

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