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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Annex Rule

This rule is from the annex to the Infinity N4 ruleset, containing a series of rules, special skills, weapons and pieces of equipment which have been adapted to the N4 system, but with a provisional nature. Rules included here are completely official, however they may be modified in further expansions of the N4 ruleset.

Update March 2022
This section explains how to read the information provided in the Fireteams Chart. To do so, we will use the following Chart as an example, but it is important to remember that the official and current Charts are those shown in the Infinity Army application.

  1. Name of the Army or Sectorial.
  2. The maximum number of each Type of Fireteam that may be on the game table at the same time. This is checked every time a Fireteam is created. In this case, the Imperial Service may have no more than one Fireteam Core, no more than two Fireteam Haris, but has no limit on the number of Fireteam Duos.
  3. When Creating a Celestial Guard Fireteam, the player may choose to create a Fireteam Haris and/or a Fireteam Core. Once created, the Fireteams follow the Fireteam Integrity rules. If the Availability of the Troopers and the rules for creating Fireteams allow it, the player may have a Fireteam Haris and a Fireteam Core of Celestial Guards on the game table at the same time.
  4. When Creating a Fireteam, you must observe the minimum and maximum number of Troopers that can be part of that Fireteam. In this case, a Fireteam of Celestial Guards must include at least one Celestial Guard.
    Fireteam Composition Bonuses are only applied if all the Troopers in the Fireteam are from the same Unit, or list the name of the Unit or Fireteam in a note or in brackets.
  5. Different Units that can form the ALEPH Support Fireteams. The asterisk (*) in the Min column indicates that when you create any ALEPH Support Fireteam, you must choose at least 1 Trooper with an asterisk (*) in the Chart.
    • 5N. Note: a Zhian Fireteam of Bounty Hunters gets the Fireteam Composition Bonuses as it only contains Authorized Bounty Hunters and/or Characters that have ‘(Bounty Hunter)’ listed after their name.
  6. In some cases, there may be additional conditions for the creation or operation of Fireteams. These notes take priority over the General Rules of Fireteams.
  7. The ‘FTO’ term indicates that, in a Unit, only those options with ‘FTO’ in their option name can be part of a Fireteam. This includes options such as the FTO Lieutenant, the FTO Hacker or the FTO-2.
    However, if a specific FTO is mentioned, for example the FTO-2, only that option can be part of the Fireteam.
  8. Wildcards can be part of any Fireteam. The maximum column shows the maximum number of Troopers of that Unit that can be included per Fireteam. In addition, some Wildcards may also be listed in specific Fireteams. In all cases, the total number of Troopers of that Unit included in the Army List must respect the Availability of the Unit.