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“Soldiers” in Infinity are called Troopers and are grouped into Units belonging to each Army.

All members of a Unit have received the same training and have the same Attributes, Skills, and the same basic gear. Each Unit has a Unit Profile with all the data you need to play it.

Example Of Different Units Belonging to O-12:


Included below is the format for Unit Profiles, to help you become familiar with the terms, Attributes, and all the Profiles’ information.




In this Trooper Profile example we can see the Delta Unit has different options, each of them possessing different weapons and pieces of Equipment, and one that also includes a Yudbot-B, which is a Peripheral, a special category of Trooper, with the Delta as its Controller.

All this makes each Unit unique and sets them apart from the rest.

The contents and features specific to each Trooper are shown in different ways:

  • Under the Attributes, Equipment and Special Skills common to all Unit options are shown.
  • When one of the options of a profile has a Special Skill, it will be shown next to the Trooper’s name.
  • If one of the options has Equipment, it will be shown in round brackets next to the name or Special Skill. For example: (Multispectral Visor L2) or Hacker (Hacking Device).
  • Equipment is separated from BS Weapons by a vertical bar (“|”) in the Weaponry and Equipment column.
  • Peripherals are separated from Weapons and Equipment by a double vertical bar (“||”) in the Weaponry and Equipment column.
  • CC Weapons, or special weapons that may be used as BS or CC Weapons, are in the Melee Weapons column.

Trooper Characteristics

The following terms are important for playing:

  • eng-regular-order-256.jpg Training: Order contributed by the Trooper to the Order Pool.
  • eng-regular-order-256.jpgeng-irregular-512.jpg Training: Order contributed by the Trooper to the Order Pool.
  • Troop Type:
    • LI – Light Infantry
    • MI – Medium Infantry
    • HI – Heavy Infantry
    • REM - Remote
    • TAG - Tactical Armored Gear. (Restrictions Chart - TAGs cannot be Prone.)
    • WB - Warband
    • SK – Skirmisher
    • eng-peripheral-256.png - Peripheral
  • Trooper Classification: Trooper classification identifies the unit's function within the army and its most salient operational features. It can determine army compositions in missions and scenarios.
    • Garrison Troopers
    • Line Troopers
    • Specially Trained Troopers
    • Veteran Troopers
    • Elite Troopers
    • Headquarters Troopers
    • Mechanized Troopers
    • Support Troopers
    • Mercenary Troopers
    • Character
  • ISC (International Standard Code): To avoid confusion, O-12 has created an international nomenclature, for its intelligence reports and analysis, which stays constant across different languages.
  • eng-hackable-256.png Hackable: This Characteristic identifies those Troopers technologically advanced enough to suffer attacks from or be aided by infowar and hacking systems. A Trooper with the Hackable Characteristic can be targeted by both allies and enemies using certain Hacking Programs. HI, REM, and TAG Troopers are Hackable unless otherwise stated. Hackers, regardless of Troop Type, are also Hackable.

Sibylla's Advice

Want to know more? You can find all the additional info to further explore the Infinity Universe in fluff books, articles and appendices!


Attributes are a series of numeric values that describe the basic capabilities of Troopers and game elements. In game terms, these are used to make Rolls and calculate the success or failure of attempted actions made by Troopers and game elements. For simplicity, Attribute definitions always refer to the term Trooper.

The Attributes are as follows:

Movement (MOV)

The number of inches this Trooper can move with an Order. The MOV Attribute usually has two values: the first time the Trooper moves in an Order, and the second.

Close Combat (CC)

This conveys the Trooper's prowess in hand-to-hand combat.

Ballistic Skills (BS)

This conveys the Trooper's prowess in ranged combat.

Physique (PH)

This represents all physical skills, such as strength, dexterity, throwing, dodging...

Willpower (WIP)

This represents all mental skills, such as Discover, Doctor, Hacking

Armor (ARM)

This is a numeric value for the Trooper's overall armor. The higher the value, the heavier and more effective the armor is in reducing the damage of enemy attacks.

Bio-Technological Shield (BTS)

This is a numeric value for the Trooper's NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), Nanotechnological, Electromagnetic, and Anti-Hacking protections.

Wounds (W)

This represents the physical endurance of the Trooper, and how much punishment it can withstand before losing consciousness or dying.

Structure (STR)

This alternative to the Wounds Attribute represents the capacity of mechanical Troopers (TAGs, REMs...) or scenery structures to soak up damage before ceasing to function.

Availability (AVA)

This indicates the number of Troopers from this Unit allowed in a single Army List.

Silhouette (S)

This indicates the three-dimensional volume of the Trooper for game purposes. The value refers to a specific type of Silhouette Template.

Support Weapons Cost (SWC)

The cost in Support Weapon Points paid for adding a Support Weapon to a Trooper of that Unit. This value is pivotal when constructing your Army Lists.

Cost (C)

This is the value in Army Points of the Trooper with all its Special Skills, Weapons, and Equipment. This value is pivotal when constructing your Army Lists.

Skills and Equipment

In the corresponding sections of this rulebook you will find each Common Skill, Special Skill, and piece of Equipment in Infinity explained in detail.


In the Combat Module section you will find all the information needed to use Weapon Charts in Infinity, and in the Weaponry section you will find those weapons that require further explanation.