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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Comms Equipment, Obligatory, Zone of Control.
  • Repeaters extend the Hacking Area of all Hackers in the same Army List.
  • Hackers within the Zone of Control of an enemy Repeater may use Hacking Programs against any enemy Hacker, but they will have to apply Firewall MODs (-3).
  • There can be no reaction against a Repeater that is being used by an enemy Hacker, only against the Hacker, if possible.


This piece of Equipment is automatically active and cannot be deactivated by its owner, unless its carrier is in Isolated State or any Null States.


Firewall imposes an additional MOD (-3, -6...) to the WIP Roll of the Trooper that declared the Comms Attack against a Trooper that benefits from a Firewall, for example if attacking through an enemy Repeater.

The Trooper benefitting from a Firewall applies a -3 MOD to the Attack Damage of the Comms Attack, if a Saving Roll needs to be made.

Only the MODs of a single Firewall can be applied, even if the Trooper benefits from more than one. In the case of the Trooper benefitting from more than one Firewall, their player will decide which one to apply.