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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

An Albedo jams Multispectral Visors, preventing its bearer from being the target of an Enemy Trooper carrying that piece of Equipment.

albedo_a0.jpg albedo_b0.jpg

Obligatory, NFB.
  • Automatic when deploying the Model on the table.
  • Players must consider a Trooper in Active Albedo State as being inside a White Noise Zone, applying the Effects of this Special Terrain Zone.
  • However, the Effects of the White Noise Zone don't affect the bearer.
  • This State has a limited duration:
    • When the Trooper is deployed, an Albedo-A Token is placed next to it to indicate that they are equipped with Albedo.
    • During the States Phase, the Albedo-A Token is removed and replaced with an Albedo-B Token.
    • Lastly, in the next States Phase, the Albedo-B Token is removed and the Trooper may no longer use Albedo for the rest of the game.