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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

This device is capable of deactivating traps and automated weapons deployed by the Enemy.

BS Attack
  • The user of this piece of Equipment must have LoF to the target.
  • Deactivator may be used only against Enemy Equipment and Deployable Weapons deployed on the game table, and never against Camouflage Markers.
  • Deactivator allows the user, by passing a Normal WIP Roll, to deactivate Enemy Equipment or Deployable Weapons (Mines, FastPandas, CrazyKoalas...) within LoF.
  • The WIP Roll only applies MODs for Range, but not those from Special Skills (for example Mimetism), or Cover.
  • If the user passes the WIP Roll, the Enemy Equipment or weapon is removed from play.

Name Range (inches) DAM B Ammo Save Att. Traits
8" 16" 24" 32" 40" 48" 96"
Deactivator +6 +3 -6 -- -- -- -- -- 1 -- -- Technical Weapon, BS Attack, [***see above]