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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

An AI Motorcycle is a Motorcycle that, when its rider dismounts, becomes a Peripheral (Synchronized) Remote.

  • Units equipped with an AI Motorcycle have two separate Unit Profiles:
    • Use the first Mounted Trooper Profile when the Trooper is riding his or her AI Motorcycle, applying the rules for the Motorcycle piece of Equipment.
    • Use the second Dismounted Trooper Profile when the trooper dismounts and moves on foot, applying the rules for Peripheral (Synchronized) to the AI Motorcycle.
  • Troopers possessing an AI Motorcycle can choose to deploy with their Mounted Trooper or Dismounted Unit Profile as the player wishes.
  • When Dismounting the AI Motorcycle, any Game States that the Mounted Trooper was in will be applied to both the Dismounted Trooper and the Peripheral (Synchronized) REM (if applicable).
  • When Mounting the AI Motorcycle, the Mounted Trooper will apply any Game States the REM was in (if applicable) and any Game States the Dismounted Trooper was in (if applicable).
  • If the REM is in Isolated, IMM or any Null State, the rider cannot Mount it.
  • The Mounted Trooper Profile cannot benefit from Supportware affecting the Peripheral (Synchronized) REM. That means those Supportware programs affecting the Peripheral (Synchronized) REM are automatically cancelled for that Trooper when the Dismounted Trooper Mounts and the Mounted Trooper Profile is applied.