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In the trade of war, weapons are a soldier's tools. The world of Infinity has an enormous variety of fighting implements, from the futuristic and sophisticated to the basic and rudimentary. In the right hands, any of them can be absolutely lethal.


In Infinity, weapons have different Types of Ammunition, each of them with different effects and with their own features. The Types of Ammunition available in Infinity are the following:

The Ammunition column in the Weapons Chart specifies what type of Ammunition each weapon uses.

In game terms, the different types of Ammunition represent the effects the weapons have on the various protections of the units and structures of Infinity. Hence the Attribute or Attributes (ARM, BTS, PH) used for Saving Rolls to avoid damage from a weapon will vary. This depends on the weapon used, and is specified in the Weapons Chart.


Certain effects of some types of Ammunition may require dividing the value of some Attributes, and in such cases, it may be necessary to round the result.

In Infinity, any time a number (a result on a die, an Attribute, a MOD...) is divided and rounded to an integer, it is always rounded up. For example, half of 5 (5 / 2 = 2.5) would be 3.