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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Annex Rule

This rule is from the annex to the Infinity N4 ruleset, containing a series of rules, special skills, weapons and pieces of equipment which have been adapted to the N4 system, but with a provisional nature. Rules included here are completely official, however they may be modified in further expansions of the N4 ruleset.

The SymbioBomb is a single use piece of equipment that allows its owner, in whose Trooper Profile the SymbioBomb is listed, to assign it to a Trooper in the same Army List, called the user, in order to provide additional attack and support advantages

Assignable (W), Comms Attack, Optional.
  • By expending one Short Skill /ARO, the user can use one Pheroware Tactic: Endgame, Eraser or Mirrorball (see Weapon Chart).
  • When using the Endgame or Eraser Pheroware Tactics with a SymbioBomb, a -3 MOD is applied to the targets in any Face to Face Rolls.
  • The SymbioBomb will be removed from the game table at the end of the Order in which it was used.

SymbioBomb Game Example:

During the Deployment Phase, the Tohaa Player assigns its Kaeltar Specialist's SymbioBombs to a Sakiel, and to a Gorgos, which already has a SymbioMate.