Paralysis (PARA) Ammunition

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This ammunition has been specially designed not to cause any real harm, but it is powerful enough to immobilize any adversary.

  • After a successful attack using Paralysis (PARA) Ammunition, the target must make a PH-6 Roll per impact suffered.
  • If the target fails the PH-6 Roll, it enters Immobilized-A state. Place an Immobilized-A Token (IMM A) next to it.
  • Critical hits with Paralysis (PARA) Ammunition cause the target to make an additional PH-6 Roll.
  • This Ammunition has no effect on targets that have no PH Attribute. In this case the target will not roll and will ignore the effects of this Ammunition.


PARA Ammunition

In the case of the Heavy Riotstopper, a Direct Template weapon that uses PARA ammunition, if it hits a target with a PH Attribute of 12, this Trooper will have to make a PH-6 Roll (12 – 6 = 6). Therefore, any result equal to or lower than 6 will mean that the target avoids entering Immobilized-A state. Otherwise, an Immobilized-A state Token will have to be placed in contact with the target’s base.