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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Demolition (or simply D) Charges is the generic name for any number of remotely detonated explosive charges. As a weapon, they have been designed to demolish structures, objectives and terrain alike, but they can also be used in Close Combat.

  • To be able to deploy a D-Charge as a Deployable Weapon, the user must be in Silhouette contact with a Building or Scenery Structure, or with an Enemy Model in an Immobilized or Null (except Sepsitorized or Possessed) State.
  • To be able to use a D-Charge as a CC Weapon, the user must be in or enter Silhouette contact with an enemy Trooper.
  • D-Charges (Deployable Weapon Mode):
    • Are placed using the Place Deployable Common Skill.
    • Cannot be used in ARO.
    • They detonate during the Resolution of the Order, without requiring a Roll.
  • D-Charges (CC Weapon Mode):
    • In this Mode, D-Charges function as a CC Weapon.
  • The detonation of a D-Charge doesn't affect its user.
  • The Disposable (3) Trait is shared between both Modes. The bearer of this weapon has only three uses available, no matter which Modes are used.