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Game elements with this Special Skill are Models or Tokens representing pieces of Equipment or Weapons operated by telepresence, or given certain autonomy by a control AI.

  • Peripherals are deployed on the game table at the same time as their Controller.
  • Peripherals are always activated with the same Order as their Controller, executing the same Short Skills of the Order, or Entire Order, although they are not required to have the same target.
  • If any of the game elements (Controller or Peripheral) cannot perform part of the Order or Entire Order declared by the Controller and Peripherals, then they will be considered to have declared an Idle, while the other may act normally.
  • AROs must choose one of the Troopers activated by the Order as their target.
  • During the Reactive Turn, both the Controller and the Peripherals gain their own separate AROs. However, unless a specific rule says otherwise, any declared AROs must be the same for both the Controller and the Peripherals.
  • In Close Combat, the rules described in the Close Combat with Multiple Troopers must be applied.
  • If the Controller enters any Null State, the Peripheral will enter the Disconnected State at the end of that Order.
  • Peripherals with a point cost in their profile will count towards Victory Points, Zone of Operations control, etc. Remember that the total cost of the Unit includes Peripherals and, therefore, the value of the Peripherals must be deducted to determine the itemized points of the Units.
  • Only Troopers with the Doctor or Engineer Special Skill may have Peripherals (Servant).
  • There is no limit to the operating distance between the Trooper with Peripheral (Servant) and their Controller.
  • The Controller may have a maximum of two Peripherals (Servant) under their control. In this case, they may only activate them one at a time, applying the previous conditions. Meanwhile, the other Peripheral (Servant) will be inactive.
  • Peripheral (Servant) and Doctor/Engineer:
    • This Special Skill allows the Controllers, if they are Doctors or Engineers, to use their Special Skill even if they are not in Silhouette contact with the target.
    • If a Peripheral is in Silhouette contact with an allied Model, their Controller can perform the Doctor/Engineer Skill, targeting that Model.
    • In this case, by using the Doctor/Engineer Skill, the Doctor/Engineer will be the one performing the Roll, even if the Trooper in Silhouette contact with the target is the Peripheral (Servant).
    • The Doctor/Engineer Skill can only be performed on one target per Order.

  • When included in an Army List, Peripherals must always be associated with a Controller.
  • Both the Controller and the Peripherals must respect the selected Army's global availability limit (AVA).

Sibylla's Advice

Normally, for the Peripheral to move towards their target, the Doctor/Engineer will usually remain still in a safe spot on the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Peripheral Trooper performs the Order, moving until it reaches contact with the target.