Martial Arts

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Thanks to intense training, Troopers with this Special Skill have superior hand-to-hand skills that translate into advantages to their Close Combat abilities.

CC Special Skill, Optional
  • Each Level of Martial Arts gives a series of specific MODs and advantages in CC, as shown in the Martial Arts Chart.
  • The Trooper's Unit Profile will list which Level of Martial Arts the Trooper has. They may only use the Level listed in their Unit Profile.
Martial Arts
Level Attack MOD Opponent MOD Damage MOD (PH) Burst MOD
1 0 -3 +1 0
2 +3 -3 +1 0
3 +3 -3 +2 0
4 +3 -3 +3 0
5 +3 -3 +3 +1



Example 1. Martial Arts L3 vs Martial Arts L1


During his Active Turn, a Caliban with Martial Arts L3 declares CC Attack against a Hsien Warrior, a Trooper with Martial Arts L1. Applying the values that correspond to each level, the MODs are calculated:

Active Trooper:

The Caliban must apply the following MODs:

  • +3 for Martial Arts L3.
  • +2 to Attack Damage for Martial Arts L3.
  • -3 for the Hsien's Martial Arts L1.

The Caliban's Success Value is calculated:

  • SV = 23 (23 +3 - 3).
  • Attack Damage = 15 (13 + 2).

Reactive Trooper:

The Hsien must apply the following MODs:

  • +1 to Attack Damage for Martial Arts L1.
  • -3 for the Caliban's Martial Arts L3.

The Hsien's Success Value is calculated:

  • SV = 18 (21 - 3).
  • Attack Damage = 15 (14 + 1).

Example 2. Martial Arts L4 vs Doctor + Peripheral (Servant)


Cuervo Goldstein, with his Martial Arts L4, declaresCC Attack during his Active Turn, against a Yīshēng Doctor and his Peripheral (Servant).

The Reactive Player declares CC Attack, choosing the Doctor to make his CC Attack. The Doctor will receive +1B in CC since his Peripheral is in the combat.

Both Players apply their different MODs:

Cuervo Goldstein:

  • +3 for Martial Arts L4.
  • +3 to Attack Damage for Martial Arts L4.

Cuervo Goldstein's Success Value is calculated:

  • SV = 26 (23 + 3).
  • Attack Damage = 16 (13 + 3).


  • -3 for Cuervo Goldstein's Martial Arts L4.
  • +1B for Combat with Multiple Troopers.
  • The Yīshēng's Success Value is calculated:
  • SV = 12 (15 - 3).
  • Attack Damage = 10.


Cuervo Goldstein will perform a CC Face to Face Roll with one die against the Yīshēng's two dice in ARO.

Although it seems like Cuervo Goldstein is at a disadvantage, analyzing the possible outcomes of the Face to Face Roll reveals the following:

Unless the Yīshēng obtains a Critical, Cuervo Goldstein will win the Face to Face Roll by obtaining a 6 or higher on his die. Likewise, any result higher than 14 for Cuervo Goldstein will be a Critical.

The Yīshēng's CC was reduced from 15 to 12. Although he rolls two dice, his chances of winning the Face to Face Roll are slim.