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The user of this Special Skill is the commanding officer of the combat force deployed by the player.

Obligatory, Private Information
  • If, during the Tactical Phase of the Turn, the Lieutenant is in an Isolated or any Null State (Unconscious, Dead, etc.) or has not been deployed on the gaming table, the Loss of Lieutenant rule will be applied.
  • When a new Lieutenant is appointed (due to Loss of Lieutenant, Chain of Command...), they gain the Lieutenant Special Skill, with no additional abilities.
  • In the Unit Profile, this Special Skill may have additional abilities listed. Some examples are:
    • +1 Command Token. The player that takes this Trooper as their Lieutenant will have one extra Command Token for the match.
    • +1 Order. Indicates that this Lieutenant has two Special Lieutenant Orders each Turn instead of one.
  • This Special Skill remains active even when its owner is in a Null State, until the appointment of a new Lieutenant.

  • The presence of a Trooper with the Lieutenant Special Skill in the player's Army List is obligatory.
  • The player's Army List cannot include more than one Trooper with this Special Skill.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Which Automatic Skills or Equipment have to be declared when in a Marker State?

A: Automatic Skills and Equipment that alter how an Order activates a Trooper, or restrict AROs, must be declared when used in Marker State. For example using NCO to spend the Lieutenant Special Order, or using Stealth.

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