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In Infinity, the capacity of an army to maneuver and take actions is measured in Orders. An Order is a game concept, a sort of currency spent to activate a Trooper so that it can take part in the battle. The higher the number of Orders at its disposal, the more an army can do.

Types of Orders

Regular Order

eng-regular-order-512.jpg Regular Orders are those contributed by Troopers who have received regular military training, and can be expected to follow instructions, maintain discipline under enemy fire, work in a team and coordinate with his comrades.

Regular Troopers add their Orders to the Order Pool, where they can be used by any Troopers in the same Combat Group to take actions.

Irregular Order

eng-irregular-512.jpg Irregular Orders are those contributed by Troopers who have learned to fight in an undisciplined, disorganized way, who can be expected to worry first and foremost about themselves.

Irregular Troopers do not add their Orders to the Order Pool of their Combat Group, but instead keep them for their own use. Bear in mind that these Troopers can still receive Orders from the Order Pool. (See FAQs & Errata. You must state which Combat Group the Irregular Orders belong to.)

Special Lieutenant Order

eng-lieutenant-order-512.jpg This Order is not included in the Order Pool, but is kept separate for the Lieutenant to use. The status and expenditure of the Lieutenant Special Order is Open Information.


The status and expenditure of every Order is Open Information. Players must place the Tokens for each Order, including the Lieutenant’s, where all players can see them. Moreover, they must warn their opponent when they are going to using it to activate their Troopers, including the Lieutenant.

Order Pool

The Order Pool is the number of Regular Orders available to an Army List in its Active Turn. The more Regular Troopers in an Army List, the bigger its Order Pool.

  • Only Regular Orders go into the Order Pool. The Lieutenant Special Order is not part of any Order Pool.
  • Each Combat Group has its own Order Pool, that cannot be transferred from one Combat Group to another.
  • Only Regular Orders go into the Order Pool. The Irregular Orders and the Lieutenant Special Order are not part of any Order Pool.
  • Players recalculate Order Pools at the beginning of each of their Active Turns, during the Tactical Phase (further detailed in the Game Sequence section).
  • Each Regular Trooper on the battlefield, not in any Null State, and whether in the form of a Model or represented by a Marker, contributes an Order to their Order Pool.
  • Regular Troopers that are not on the battlefield in the form of a Model or Marker, due to Special Skills, do not add their Order to their Order Pool until they start their Active Turn on the battlefield as a Model or Marker. The status and existence of Orders provided by these Troopers is Private Information. Regular Orders provided by these Troopers can be kept secret and out of sight of the opponent.
  • There is no limit to the number of times Regular Orders can activate the same Trooper during its Active Turn; the only limit is the size of the Order Pool.
  • You can spend Regular Orders from your Order Pools in any order. When you activate a Trooper, you do not need to spend all Orders you plan to use on that Trooper consecutively, but can alternate between Troopers.
  • Irregular Orders can also be interspersed with Regular Orders from your Order Pools, in any order.
  • Players are not required to spend all the Regular Orders in their Order Pools.


Order Pool Example


Army List Example

List composed of:

  • 10 Troopers which provide a Pool of 10 Orders.
  • 12 Models (10 Troopers and 2 Peripherals).
  • Peripherals do not provide an Order for the player’s Order Pool and they are disregarded for the 10-member limit for the player’s list.

Players have several ways to consume said Orders:

The 10 Regular Orders may be consumed as seen fit. Whether to activate up to 10 Troopers once each, to activate a single Trooper up to 10 times, or to activate different Troopers alternatively. 4 Regular Orders to one Trooper, 4 Regular Orders to another Trooper, and 2 Regular Orders to a different one, for example.

Bear in mind that in order to activate a Peripheral, it must consume its Controller’s Order, in this case, the Doctor or Engineer, respectively.


In Infinity CodeOne, an Army List is a closed Combat Group of Troopers that may not exceed the 10-member limit.


In an Infinity Army List, players must assign each Trooper to a Combat Group; they can create extra Combat Groups as needed, as long as the total number of Troopers in each one is no greater than 10, each with its own Order Pool.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Do you have to say which Combat Group Irregular Orders belong to?

A: Yes.

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