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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Troopers with this Special Skill have an extraordinary innate or artificial capacity to withstand specific types of damage. There are several Immunities categories.


This Special Skill is activated when one of the following Requirements is met:

  • The Trooper must make a Saving Roll.
  • The Trooper is affected by the State indicated in their Immunity.
  • This Special Skill has different categories shown between brackets in the Unit's Profile, which indicates to which type of Ammunition or Effect it is applied. The most common are:
    • Immunity (ammunition type): the Trooper is immune to the listed Ammunition, for example Shock, cancelling its Special Effects and Traits, considering it Normal Ammunition.
    • Immunity (game state): the Trooper is completely immune to any Comms Attack effect or special rule effect that causes the listed Game State, for example Possessed (POS). The Trooper cannot enter that State.
    • Immunity (Total): the Trooper is immune to any Ammunition, cancelling its Special Effects and Traits, considering it Normal Ammunition.
      The Trooper is completely immune to Traits that cause States, refer to causing Damage, or reduce the Attributes of the target. For example State: Dead, Continuous Damage, or ARM=0.
      The Trooper is completely immune to Weapons or Ammunitions with the Non-Lethal Trait, not suffering their effects, and not requiring a Saving Roll or Guts Roll. (See FAQs & Errata.)
    • Immunity (Critical): The Trooper will not make the additional Saving Roll caused by Critical hits.
  • This Special Skill does not apply against Comms Attacks, with the sole exception of Immunity (game state).


Immunity and Criticals

If a Trooper receives a Critical hit, unless they have Immunity (Critical), they will make an additional Saving Roll, but ignoring the Special Effects of the Ammunition, which is considered Normal Ammunition.

Immunity Examples

Example 1:
A Dog-Warrior is hit by a Missile Launcher. Thanks to his Immunity (Total), instead of making three Saving Rolls due to the EXP Ammunition, he will only have to make one Saving Roll using his ARM Attribute, since the hit is treated as being made with Normal Ammunition.

Example 2:
A Dog-Warrior is hit with a Monofilament CC Weapon.

Thanks to his Immunity (Total), he will make one Saving Roll, ignoring the Weapon’s ARM=0 and State: Dead Traits, so he will not reduce his ARM to 0 and the Dead State will not be applied in case the Saving Roll is failed.

If the impact was a Critical, the Dog-Warrior would make two Saving Rolls, ignoring the Weapon’s ARM=0 and State: Dead Traits.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: How does Immunity (Total) interact with Plasma Weapons, and with Sepsitor?

A: Immunity (Total) cancels the special effects of any ammunition, considering them Normal Ammunition. Plasma weapons use Normal Ammunition, but their Saving Roll is ARM+BTS, so one ARM and one BTS Saving Roll will be made. Sepsitor should have the State: Sepsitorized Trait, and therefore does not work against targets with Immunity (Total).

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