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Infinity is a 28 mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe. [read more...]

Basic Rules

The basic rules are one of the pillars of the general game mechanics; these are the rules all players must know in order to play. This chapter creates the game engine that establishes Infinity as an excellent modern tactical combat simulator. [read more...]

Movement Module

In Infinity , movement allows troopers to get around the game board. This section details all necessary rules to perform such movements. [read more...]

Combat Module

In Infinity , combat allows Troopers to perform Attacks. There are three kinds of Attacks: Ballistic Skills (BS), Close Combat (CC) and Quantronic Combat (Hacking). This section details every rule necessary to resolve Attacks. [read more...]

Ammunition and Weaponry

In the trade of war, weapons are a soldier's tools. The world of Infinity has an enormous variety of fighting implements, from the futuristic and sophisticated to the basic and rudimentary. In the right hands, any of them can be absolutely lethal. [read more...]

Skills and Equipment

Infinity possesses a series of Skills and pieces of Equipment which allows a Trooper to act during the game. [read more...]

Command Module

This section contains advanced rules that bring a new level of interest to Infinity. This chapter gathers all those rules that, even though they are not entirely required in order to play Infinity, complement the game by providing a more strategic, futuristic, and simulative component. [read more...]

Infinity Fireteams

The Infinity Fireteams rule allows players to activate a team of Troopers who support a single Team Leader, with less Order expenditure. There are several types of Fireteams. [read more...]

Infinity Reinforcements

Reinforcements are a combat force that remains in reserve, waiting for the right moment to join the fray, either supporting the main force or carrying out tasks such as a rescue or evac mission; or attacking, hunting, or chasing enemy units. [read more...]

Terrain & Scenery Structures

In Infinity , the scenery used on the table to simulate the game and mission settings is usually made up of buildings with different kinds of access points, such as a doorway, a window, etc. [read more...]

Victory Conditions

Once the game is over, it is time to determine the victor. The player who fulfills all victory conditions wins the game, but the conditions that govern victory—or defeat—depend on the type of game played. [read more...]

Setting up the Gaming Table

As in a real combat scenario, in Infinity the terrain, the combat environment, has a special relevance determining both the strategy and the tactical options available to the players. [read more...]


The tactical flexibility inherent in Infinity allows games to be much more interesting than a typical exterminate the enemy scenario. This section includes a small set of missions that serve as an introduction to this new level of gaming. [read more...]


This rulebook uses a series of terms that describe and refer to certain concepts that are important for understanding the game mechanics and the way specific rules, skills, weapons, and pieces of Equipment work. [read more...]

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