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Some Troopers, equipped with special jump gear, have been trained to dive from the sky directly onto the battlefield, falling upon the enemy in devastating surprise strikes.

Airborne Deployment (AD), Private Information, Optional
  • This Trooper is not required to deploy during the Deployment Phase, remaining off-table until their player decides to deploy them during their Active Turn.
  • While off-table, the Trooper will not add their Order to the Order Pool during the Tactical Phase. However, they may enter the table using their own Order to use this Special Skill, when the player chooses.
  • By using this Special Skill, the player cannot place the Trooper in Prone State, or in Silhouette contact with enemy and neutral Models, Markers, or Tokens, or in contact with any scenario objective, or in Silhouette contact with a scenery element to get Cover.
  • The player may deploy the Trooper on any surface of the game table, as long as the size of the surface is equal to or larger than their base.
  • Deploying inside buildings or enclosed pieces of Scenery is not permitted, even if they have an open roof or open doors or windows as, for example, an Objective Room.
  • After placing the Trooper on their landing spot, the player performs a PH Roll. If the Roll is passed, the Trooper lands successfully and remains where the player has placed them. Then, the Reactive Player declares all their AROs.
  • If the PH Roll fails, the Trooper must be placed within their player's Deployment Zone, always in contact with the edge of the game table. Then, the Reactive Player declares all their AROs.