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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

The user of this Special Skill has received special training with a focus on silent movement, the art of remaining undetected, and the capacity to strike an unsuspecting enemy with unrelenting close combat attacks from out of the blue.

CC Special Skill, Optional.
  • The user of this Special Skill must be in his Active Turn.
  • The user can declare Cautious Movement inside the Zone of Control of enemy Models and Markers.
  • If the user declares a Short Movement Skill or Cautious Movement within the Zone of Control of one or more enemies and stays outside their LoF, he does not grant AROs to those enemies.
  • However, if the second Short Skill of the Order is any non-Movement Skill, then those enemies can react normally in ARO.
  • If the Movement of the Trooper with Stealth ends in Silhouette contact with an enemy who had no LoF against them and declares any non-Movement Short Skill, then the enemy can only declare CC Attack, Dodge, Reset, or those Skills that can be used in Engaged State.
  • This CC Special Skill can be declared without being in Silhouette contact with an enemy.


Stealth is not effective against Deployable Weapons, or against Troopers with the Sixth Sense Special Skill.

FAQs & Errata

Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Which Automatic Skills or Equipment have to be declared when in a Marker State?

A: Automatic Skills and Equipment that alter how an Order activates a Trooper, or restrict AROs, must be declared when used in Marker State. For example using NCO to spend the Lieutenant Special Order, or using Stealth.

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Version: 1.0, Jan 2021

Q: Does Stealth work against Reactive Troopers outside Zone of Control?

A: Yes. Stealth applies to Reactive Troopers who do not have Line of Fire to them, including Hackers who are outside their Zone of Control and do not have Line of Fire.

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Version: Updated 1.1.1, Dec 2021

Q: If several Troopers are activated at once (for example a Coordinated Order or a Fireteam) and one of them uses Stealth while outside a reactive Trooper's ZoC or Hacking Area, can the Trooper that used Stealth be chosen as the target of AROs?

A: Yes, but the ARO will only be considered valid if the Stealth user performs a Skill that allows AROs. A: Yes, but the ARO will become an Idle if the Stealth user does not declare a Skill that allows AROs.

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