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Users of this CC Special Skill can increase the value of their Wounds Attribute whenever they inflict Damage during Close Combat.

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CC Special Skill, Optional
  • For each Wound inflicted upon the target of the CC Attack, the user of Protheion will recover 1 Wounds point. If the user hasn't lost any Wounds points, they will increase their Wounds Attribute by 1.
  • The Wounds Attribute cannot be more than two higher than its original value.
  • If the user's Wounds Attribute is higher than its original value, the player must place a Power-Up, or Power-Up 2 Token to indicate the current value of the Trooper's Wounds Attribute.


Example 1

A Caliban enters Close Combat against a Fusilier, who declares CC Attack as their ARO. The Caliban wins the fight and the Fusilier fails their Saving Roll, thus becoming Unconscious. When the Order concludes, the Caliban places a Power-Up 1 Token besides himself, showing that his Wounds Attribute is now 2.

During the next Order, the Caliban declares a CC Attack against the Unconscious Fusilier, performing a Coup de Grâce so that the target automatically passes from Unconscious to Dead State, without performing a Saving Roll. At the end of the Order, the Caliban places a Power-Up 2 Token besides himself, showing that his Wounds Attribute is now 3.

Example 2


Sheskiin, who has lost one point of her Wounds Attribute during a previous engagement, uses her DA CC Weapon to CC Attack an Omega, who still has a Wounds Attribute of 2. Sheskiin wins the Roll, forcing the Omega to perform 2 Saving Rolls due to her DA CC Weapon. The Omega fails both Saving Rolls, loses 2 points to his Wounds Attribute and becomes Unconscious. Thanks to her Protheion Special Skill, Sheskiin recovers the previously lost Wounds point and gains an extra one, placing a Power-Up 1 Token next to her. If, during a later Order, she performed a Coup de Grâce against the Omega, she would gain another extra Wound, placing a Power-Up 2 Token besides herself. Sheskiin would have a Wounds Attribute of 4 and the Omega would be removed from the game table.