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  • Troopers using this Special Skill must be in Silhouette contact with their target.
  • Engineer allows recovery of 1 Structure (STR) point, by passing a Normal WIP Roll.
  • This Special Skill can be declared as many times as necessary to recover as many STR points as the target has lost.
  • If the Engineer fails the Normal WIP Roll, the target loses 1 STR point instead of recovering it, entering the Unconscious or Dead State, if applicable.
  • Alternatively, by passing a Normal WIP Roll, a Trooper with Engineer may cancel all of their target's States that can be canceled by this Special Skill (Unconscious, Immobilized-A and B, Targeted, etc.), removing the corresponding State Tokens.
  • Failing the Normal WIP Roll when trying to cancel other states than Unconscious has no negative consequence, and the Roll can be performed again in future Orders.