Camouflaged State

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  • Automatic during the Deployment Phase
  • During the Active Turn, Troopers may only return to Camouflaged State by consuming 1 Entire Order, outside the LoF of enemy Markers or Troopers.
  • In Camouflaged State, the Player does not place the Model on the table, but instead places a Camouflaged Marker.
  • Camouflaged Markers can possess the Mimetism Skill, so Camouflaged Markers indicate the MOD level that Mimetism applies, if they have it.
  • You cannot enter Silhouette contact with an Enemy Camouflaged Marker.
  • You cannot declare Attacks against Camouflaged Markers, it is necessary to Discover that Marker first, unless otherwise specified by a rule or Skill.
  • To reveal a Camouflaged Marker, a Discover Roll must be passed, applying MODs listed for Discover, including the Marker's Mimetism, if they have it.
  • If the Discover Roll is successful, the Camouflaged Marker is replaced with the corresponding Model, facing in any direction its player chooses.
  • A Trooper that fails a WIP Roll to Discover a Marker cannot attempt to Discover the same Marker until the next Player Turn. Note that a Trooper that has been revealed, and re-entered Camouflaged State again, does not count as the same Marker.
  • A Camouflage (CAMO) Marker has a LoF of 360˚.
  • A Camouflage (CAMO) Marker has the same Silhouette (S) value as the Trooper it represents.
  • However, a Weapon or piece of Equipment in Camouflaged State will have a Silhouette (S) value of 2.
  • This State does not interfere with Automatic Special Skills or Automatic Equipment, which will remain functioning normally.
  • The only AROs that can be declared against a Camouflaged Marker are: Discover, Dodge or Reset.
  • When a Trooper in Camouflaged state is activated, each Reactive Trooper can delay the declaration of their ARO until the second half of the Active Trooper's Order has been declared. In this case:
    • If the Trooper in Camouflaged state reveals themselves with the second half of their Order (by declaring a BS Attack, moving into Silhouette contact with an enemy...), the delaying Trooper can declare their ARO.
    • If the Trooper in Camouflaged state does not reveal themselves, the delaying Trooper loses their right to declare an ARO.

The Camouflaged State is cancelled whenever:

  • The Camouflaged Marker declares an Attack or any Skill that requires a Roll.
  • The Camouflaged Marker declares an Entire Order of any kind.
  • The Camouflaged Marker enters Silhouette contact with an enemy Model.
  • The Camouflaged Marker is Discovered.
  • The Camouflaged Marker receives a successful Attack.
  • When Camouflage state is cancelled, its player must replace the Marker with the corresponding Model, facing in any direction the player chooses.
  • When replacing the Marker with the Model, the player must provide their adversary with the Trooper's complete Public Information.


Cancellation of the Camouflaged State is applied to the entirety of the declared Order, even if the Skill revealing the Camouflaged Trooper is performed at the end of the Order.


ARO against a Marker:

  • The only AROs that can be performed against a Camouflage (CAMO) Marker are Discover, Dodge or Reset.
  • Against a Marker, the enemy can delay declaring their ARO until it declares its second Short Skill of the Order.

In this case, they may declare an ARO only if the Camouflaged Marker reveals themselves with their second Short Skill of the Order. If the second Short Skill of the Order does not reveal the Marker, the Trooper loses their right to declare an ARO.


Camouflage and Surprise Attack

Step 1:

A Camouflaged Caliban declares Move as their first Skill, moving until they reach Cover. eng-camouflaged-surprise-attack-1.jpg

Step 2:

The Fusilier decides to delay declaring his ARO against the Marker. eng-camouflaged-surprise-attack-2.jpg

Step 3:

The Caliban declares BS Attack as the second Skill of their Order: He indicates that he will use his Boarding Shotgun in Burst Mode to shoot at the Fusilier from Cover, which is the closest point. eng-camouflaged-surprise-attack-3.jpg

Step 4:

The Fusilier declares BS Attack with his Combi Rifle, before the Caliban reaches the Cover.

Remember that the cancellation of the Camouflaged State applies to the entirety of the Order.



By declaring BS Attack as the second Skill of their Order, the Caliban has revealed himself for the entire Order, which includes his movement towards the point in Cover.