Perimeter Weapons

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This N4 rule is not used in CodeOne.

Within military confines, the term tactical perimeter devices is used for automated zone defense systems.

Some examples of Perimeter Weapons are CrazyKoalas, MadTraps, WildParrots, and all other Weapons or pieces of Equipment with the Perimeter Trait.

  • These weapons apply the Deployable and Perimeter rule, found in the Place Deployable Skill.
  • Therefore, when players declare the Place Deployable Common Skill, they place the Perimeter Weapon or piece of Equipment totally inside the Zone of Control of the Trooper, instead of placing it in Silhouette contact.

Perimeter Weapons and the Boost Trait

These devices have been specifically designed to protect the immediate perimeter of their user, and also to detect and/or dissuade intrusion attempts during the user's security duties.

In the Glossary you can consult all the Traits that indicate how a weapon operates.

  • Once the weapon with the Boost Trait is in play on the game table, it is triggered when an enemy Model declares or performs an Order or ARO in its Zone of Control. When triggered, the weapon must move until it enters Silhouette contact with the enemy Model, and then detonate. The only way to avoid this attack is a successful Normal Dodge Roll. Once the weapon has detonated, it is removed from the game.
  • The weapon will not trigger if the path from the weapon to the enemy Model is blocked, for example by an impassable obstacle (for example a wall of infinite height, a closed door or sealed room...) or a gap too small for the Silhouette Template of the weapon to pass through.
  • The weapon is not triggered by Camouflage Markers (CAMO), Impersonation Markers (IMP-1 and IMP-2), or by those Markers who specify so in their description.
  • The weapon does not activate other Deployable Weapons or Equipment.

Perimeter, Deployable, and Boost Example


During his Active Turn, a Moran Masai Hunter wants to intimidate a Jujak that is clearly out of his range, dissuading him from carrying out an attack.

To do so, he declares Place Deployable and places his CrazyKoala (Deployable, Perimeter, and Boost) as shown in the picture. He may place it with the enemy Marker inside its Zone of Control because there is also a non-Camouflaged Enemy inside its Zone of Control.


Once placed on the gaming table, when the Order concludes, the CrazyKoala is considered to be in play on the game table. From that moment on, it will perform Boost, detonating against any Enemy Model that declares or performs an Order or ARO within its Zone of Control.